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Ice Skating

Figure skating is one of the most popular sports in the world. The Soviet school of ice skating came to the fore only after the Second World War. As early as in 1964, the USSR was celebrating its first Olympic success - a gold medal in pairs mixed skating for Lyudmila Beloussova and Oleg Protopopov. The Axel is really a jump named after its inventor, the Norwegian Axel Paulsen. It is the only jump in figure skating that uses a forward take-off along with a backward landing, and therefore a single jump is really not one but one . 5 rotations - and that's why it is the most difficult jump to master! The Presentation Mark (also known as the Second Mark) reflects the choreography flow and balance from the program. It is also a stride of the skaters' ability to interpret their chosen music, make good utilisation of the ice surface and skate with speed, sureness and effortless carriage. During the 1994 US Olympic trials, skater Nancy Kerrigan was assaulted with a bat to the leg. Olympic hopeful Tonya Harding's husband Jeff Gillooly was eventually convicted and delivered to prison for his role within the attack.

Actually the two edges on each ice skate blade have four sides that the expert skaters learn to use throughout the on-ice footwork. A wheel that may replace the concave steel blades will likely be highly advantageous. A very important purpose of U. S. figure Skating has been the financial assistance presented to skaters by the Memorial Fund, which was founded in the wake from the tragic plane crash that took the lives from the entire 1961 U. S. World figure Skating Team Figure Skating.

If your skates feel too sharp when you initially skate on them after a sharpening then the person sharpening your skates put a deeper hollow on your skate than you prefer. Today costumes frequently cost thousands of dollars. Ice skates are specifically designed to allow figure skaters to easier perform figure skating jumps, ice skating spins along with other ice skating moves.

To help keep the skates water proofed, buy jar of Sno Seal or other brand of beeswax waterproofing. Dorothy Hamill toured extensively using the Ice Capades from 1977 to 1984. During her time with the traveling ice show she also produced and starred in her own touring productions including Cinderella, and the Nutcracker. Some of us started as kids and have stayed in the sport ever since. Figure skating is unlike any other Olympic event but its good television.

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